Giant African snails from Nigeria confiscated at Los Angeles International Airport

(NBC NEWSCHANNEL) Customs inspectors were confronted with a slimy situation at Los Angeles International Airport.

It was a case of snails on a plane as inspectors seized a live shipment of 67-giant African snails from Nigeria.

The paperwork stated the snails were for human consumption.

Authorities say they were intercepted July 1.

They were subsequently identified after a sample was sent to U.S. Department of Agriculture specialists in Washington, D.C.

The giant African snail is prohibited because it poses a serious threat to agriculture, consuming at least 500 types of plants.

The snails can also carry a parasitic nematode that can lead to meningitis in humans.

Officials say the snails were disposed of through incineration.

The snails were found in Coral Gables in 2011 .

Palm Beach County agricultural officials are concerned they could move north.

The Florida Department of Agriculture is urging anyone who suspects they see giant African land snails to call 1-888-397-1517.

The web team contributed to this report.

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