George Zimmerman hires criminal defense attorney Hal Uhrig, drops Joe Oliver in Trayvon Martin case

SANFORD, Fla. -- George Zimmerman has revamped his defense team and hired another attorney and dropped his media advisor, Joe Oliver.

Hal Uhrig, Zimmerman's new criminal defense attorney, says Zimmerman did not shoot Martin because he's black.

"It's because that 6-foot-3 young man made a terrible decision and a bad judgment when he decided to smack somebody in the face and break their nose, jump on them and smack their head into the ground, and in doing that, put him in reasonable fear for his safety," Uhrig said. "He was absolutely entitled to defend himself and that's why Trayvon Martin is dead, not because of racial profiling."

Prosecutors gathered Wednesday at the Florida state capitol to demand justice for Martin.

The rally coincided with the 44th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination.

In Miami, a march and candlelight vigil also called for justice -- while honoring the civil rights icon.

While the case continues to grab headlines, a new study finds interest in the case is sharply divided along partisan and racial lines.

The Pew Research Center found far more Republicans than Democrats say there has been too much coverage of Martin's death.

The father of shooter George Zimmerman spoke with Fox News.

Robert Zimmerman said his son called 911 about a suspicious person, then Trayvon Martin reappeared while he was walking back to his vehicle.

"Trayvon came from his left side, asked him did he have a problem. George said 'no.' At that point, Trayvon said 'well you do now,' he punched him to the nose, knocked him to the concrete and started beating him," said Robert Zimmerman. "George was there yelling for help for at least 40 seconds."

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