'Gangnam Style' Psy YouTube video: Music video to be featured on Today Show after viral stardom

Move over "Call Me Maybe." There's a new musical sensation infecting the Internet.

"Gangnam Style," a music video from South Korean rapper Psy, has become one of the most popular videos in the history of YouTube.

As if Tuesday morning, the video has more than 143 million views on YouTube, gaining popularity for its catchy dance moves and beats. 

The video has even brought with it some controversy.

According to the Associated Press, 14 employees at a California aquatic center have been fired after a video posted on the Internet showed them performing a parody of the viral Korean music video.

Officials said the video violated prohibitions on use of city property and did not meet standards for employee conduct.

"The tone and the content of the video was much less than the professional conduct that we expect of our employees," spokesman Robert Alaniz told the Associated Press.

Watch the original Psy "Gangnam Style" music video below:

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