Flood waters flip tour bus with 33 on board north of Kingman

KINGMAN, AZ - Officials say everyone is safe after a tour bus with 33 people on board was pushed down a wash created by heavy rains and flipped over in northwestern Arizona.

Chief Patrick Moore with the Northern Arizona Consolidated Fire District said the bus got stuck while trying to cross a flooded wash around 1:50 p.m. and it started to float downstream.

Before fire crews could arrive, the bus rolled onto its side about 300 yards from the roadway.

The passengers were able to climb out the windows onto the side of the bus then jump onto dry land.

Moore said crews had a difficult time getting to the scene due to the significant rain causing other washes to be flowing.

The passengers were eventually picked up by a replacement bus that took them to Las Vegas.

The tourists were traveling west on Pierce Ferry Road on the way back to Las Vegas after visiting the Grand Canyon Skywalk, Moore said.

The Mohave County Sheriff's Office will determine whether the bus driver will be cited.

Moore said he believes the driver should be held accountable for driving across standing water.

He said they're very lucky no one was hurt.

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