Family says disparaging note left about relative at St. Mary's Regional Medical Center in Reno

Hospital representatives apologized

(KRNV) It's hard to imagine: a father spending his final moments in intensive care, and his son rushing to his bedside, only to find a shocking and insensitive note left behind... possibly by a hospital caretaker.

The note contains just seven words: "He looks like he died last week!"

70-year-old Charles Bakondi suffered a heart attack and was in the later stages of cancer when he was transferred to the intensive care unit at St. Mary's Regional Medical Center in Reno, Nevada.

For a family grieving their loss, the note only intensified their suffering.

"It was immediate outrage. It was difficult to deal with," says Darren Bakondi, Charles' son.

The insensitive note was written on the back of an I.V bag label. Darren suspects it was a person cracking a joke and was never meant to be seen.

"I mean, complete and utter disregard for my father,” he said. “With the life he's led, he deserves dignity and especially in the last days of his life, which will be spent here at the facility. I'm sure. He deserves more than that with everything he's done in life."

Hospital representatives apologized to the family, and Saint Mary's C.E.O., Helen Lidholm, responded to News 4, saying:

“Our team began investigating this situation yesterday, and will continue our investigation further and work with all those involved to ensure a resolution is met including any additional apologies to the patient and family.”

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