Facebook parent Tommy Jordan shoots daughter's laptop, gains following

Now raising money

ALBERMARLE, NC - The mad dad who took to YouTube to voice his anger with his daughter is gaining quite a following.

Last week, Tommy Jordan posted a video on YouTube showing him shooting his daughter's laptop (warning strong language on video) after she posted a profanity-laced letter on Facebook complaining about her parents and her chores. Since then, Jordan has refused all interviews, but has been posting regularly on his Facebook page .

Jordan said he had a friend run "Good Morning America" off his lawn on Saturday and that he turned down an offer to have his own TV show on CBS.

"The ceiling of absurdity has just been reached," Jordan said about the CBS offer. Jordan said both the police and social services have visited his home since the video was posted.

"Yes, I've already dealt with the local police, who by the way said 'From our entire department, Kudo's to you, sir,'" Jordan wrote. "Now I'm letting my daughter have her interview with Social Services, so they too can be satisfied that I don't yell at her, beat her, traumatize her, lock her in a closet without food, deprive her of basic human rights, make her cut the grass with scissors, hunt for her meals in the wild with only a spork, or otherwise fail to provide for my daughter," said Jordan on Thursday. "She's great. She's strong. And apparently she's handling it better than some of you are."

On Saturday, Jordan said he is not a hero, he's not an awesome parent, he's just a normal guy with a reasonable moral compass who makes mistakes. He said he's extremely lucky to have a very strong wife and great kids.

"My wife is OK with it. My daughter is OK with it. My mother is OK with it. I'm OK with it. We're the only ones that matter," Jordan said.

After thousands of people posted comments on Jordan's Facebook page, Jordan said he decided to try using his page to raise money. He said before the video went viral, he spent one month raising money for MDA on Facebook and earned $320. After the video went viral, he earned $5,000 in just a few days.

Jordan also posted a link to a new website he's involved in called One Man's Junk . He said the web traffic crashed the website 60 seconds after he wrote about it. Jordan's last post on Sunday night said he is not running for president.

The Video

When Jordan was asked why he doesn't take the video down, he said their attorneys told them not to.

"The license granted to YouTube when it was posted protects us as long as it's hosted there," Jordan explained. "Once it gets removed, that particular copyright protection and intellectual property right ceases to exist on the YouTube medium. If I take it down, it'll only get replaced with some pieced-together edited version or portrayed some other way. Taking it down would only imply that we are hiding from it and trying to make it go away."

"We do want it all to go away, but we're not hiding from it," Jordan said. "I said it and everyone knows it, there's nothing else to do but leave it."

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