Elisa Lam, Cecil Hotel update video: Inside the Los Angeles hotel

 Water from the tap. Something the Cecil Hotel doesn't want you to see.

Hotel resident Alvin Taylor helped us videotape it with a cell phone.

Chlorine is being used to flush the hotel's entire water system after the gruesome discovery of a woman's body inside one of the rooftop tanks that may have been there for as long as two and a half weeks.

Four tanks connect to the hotel's drinking supply. And during those two weeks hundreds of residents and hotel guests have been using it.

"It really turns my stomach. That's why a lot of people have left, and went to another hotel," Taylor said. "Just the thought of it, for so long."

The woman inside the tank, 21-year-old Elisa Lam. The tourist from Vancouver, Canada arrived in Los Angeles on January 26th.

Surveillance video shows acting oddly inside the hotel elevator as if hiding from someone.

But Katie Orphan says Lam didn't seem odd at all when they met. "She was very outgoing, very lively, very friendly."

Orphan is the manager of a bookstore around the corner from the hotel called The Last Bookstore. It's one of the last places Lam was seen by anyone as she bought records and presents for her parents and sister.

"Talking about what book she was getting and whether or not what she was getting would be too heavy for her to carry around as she traveled or take home with her," Orphan said.

That was January 31st. The young woman planned to see more of California police said.

Her parents flew to Los Angeles to plead for the city to help find their daughter.

Outside the family's restaurant in Vancouver, a memorial for a young life lost too soon in an unforgettable manner.

"It kinda' feels like the beginning of a noir novel, like this is the beginning of a Raymond Chandler story and Philip Marlowe is going to figure out what happened," Orphan said. "And unfortunately this is real life."