Dog-fighting bust: 367 dogs rescued in second largest dog fighting case in US history, ASPCA says

AUBURN, Ala. - 367 dogs are now in the care of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The ASPCA  says that the dogs were rescued in second largest multi-state dog fighting case in US history.

The FBI and the United States Attorney's Office says that the investigation began with raids in Auburn, Alabama and then extended to other parts of Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Texas.

Investigators say that 13 people were arrested in Auburn and 10 others were arrested at various other locations.

Federal and local officials seized firearms and drugs as well as $500,000 cash.

Dead animal remains were also found by investigators at sites where dogs were housed and and allegedly fought.

ASPCA vets say that at one yard there were 114 dogs most of which were tethered to heavy chains in 90 degree heat without water or fresh food.

The defendants in the case, according to officials, face up to five years in prison along with restitution and fines if convicted.

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