Diana Londono Suarez on Today Show: Alleged Secret Service escort speaks out, calls agents 'brutes'

The woman at the center of the U.S. Secret Service prostitution scandal has started embracing her notoriety -- even doing an exclusive interview with NBC's Today Show.

Escort Diana Londono Suarez also appeared on the air in Colombia, giving details about the night she says she was picked up by U.S. agents.

"I told him to wake up and to give me my gift that I had asked him for and he said, No. Just go b****. I'm not going to pay you and then he put out 50,000 pesos for the taxi and I was in shock in that moment when he just said that," Suarez said on Colombian TV.

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Suarez spoke with NBC correspondent Michelle Kosinski in an exclusive interview Monday morning.

Suarez told Kosinski the U.S. Secret Service agents were "stupid brutes" that "liked to show off their bodies."

She said they were full of themselves and were very direct about asking for sex. She said they were "too direct," and were not shy.

Suarez said she won't sell her body anymore, but she would pose nude for a men's magazine for the right price.

She has also been contacted by a major U.S. publishing company for a book deal.

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