Deer saved woman from attacker in Oxford, Ohio according to police

OXFORD, Ohio - Oxford police say a deer helped stop an attack on a young woman early Sunday morning.

Police tell 9 News that the woman had attended a party in the 500 block of Poplar Street in Oxford.  At roughly 1 a.m., the woman left the party and walked close to a field that contained overgrown grass and some trees.

It was there a male attacker grabbed her from behind and pulled on the purse that hung across her shoulders.  The attacker struck her on the face and told her not to say anything.

During the struggle, the man pulled the woman away from the lights of the party and the neighborhood and farther into the darkness of the field.

Police say that's when the struggle woke up a deer that was sleeping nearby in the tall grass. Police say the deer was startled, jumped up and ran away.

The large deer also startled the attacker, who got up and ran away, leaving the woman alone in the dark field.

She went back toward the party and called 911.

"She is a very lucky girl," Sgt. Jon Varley with Oxford police said.

The woman was unable to get a good description of the man for police.

Police urge students to walk in groups and in well lit areas when possible.

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