David Egan brutally attacked by classmate at Parkview High School in Gwinnett County, Georgia

Gwinnett County, GA (KPTV) -- A student is recovering after he was attacked at a Gwinnett County school.

Daniel Egan is angry and frustrated with the teachers and administrators at Parkview High School in Gwinnett County, and if you take a look at cell phone video of his son getting punched in the face you may understand why.

"My son was just like, 'I was sucker punched. I was sucker punched,'" said Daniel Egan.

The video shows David Egan getting punched in the field house at the school on Tuesday.

A short time later he is pushed into some lockers and then receives a vicious blow that knocks the 16-year-old to the ground.

"He had fractures all over his cheekbone, fractures which require a metal plate to constructively hold the bones back together and the whole base of his nose was broken to the side of his face. His eyes were completely swollen shut," said Daniel Egan.

Daniel Egan said his son did nothing wrong.

"He said the boy accused him of touching his sneakers or taking his sneakers. He (Daniel) said, 'I tried to talk to him and I don't even know this kid,'" said Daniel Egan. "He's been through so much physical trauma he is not thinking much about what happened, he is just trying to cope with the pain."

The Gwinnett County School District said David Egan's attacker, who has not been identified, is facing disciplinary action and has been charged criminally with battery.

The district is also looking into who else may be responsible.

But Daniel Egan said the school district should look no further than its teachers and administrators.

"Where are the coaches? Why is it that in supposedly one of the best schools in the country you can't supervise my child? Where were you? Where were you? That is what I want to know," said Daniel Egan. "No one was there for my son. He was 100 percent vulnerable and then as soon as they found him they should have called an EMT."