Darren Wilson: Support for officer involved in shooting of Michael Brown is growing

As Darren Wilson remains in hiding, supporters for the 28-year-old Ferguson police officer, are getting more vocal.

Over the weekend dozens of people showed up at two rallies outside Barney's Irish Sports Pub in St. Louis.

One supporter said, "We once again declare that we steadfastly believe that officer Darren Wilson's actions on August 9th were warranted and justified."

Support online has been even bigger.

Financial contributions for Wilson's legal fees have reached around $400,000.

Wilson served with the Ferguson Police Department for four years.

He started his career in the city of Jennings, another St. Louis suburb that in 2011 disbanded its entire police force in part because of racial tensions between white officers and black residents.

Wilson was born in Texas, but spent most of his life near St. Louis. By all accounts, he had a difficult childhood. His mother, who was divorced twice, was also convicted of forgery for stealing thousands of dollars when he was a teenager. And then she died of natural causes when Wilson was just 16 years old.

Jake Shepherd is a friend of Darren Wilson's.

"It makes me sad you know. I'm obviously sad for the family of Michael Brown, but I'm sad for Darren and his family too. Every law enforcement officer dreads the time when they are forced to make a split second decision and whether or not they have to take someone's life," Shepherd said.

In February of this year Wilson was commended for his work after managing to arrest a man allegedly in the midst of a drug deal.

Now, as he faces the possibility of criminal charges for killing Michael Brown, supporters inside Barney's, say they're worried that he may not get a fair shake.

"He's done as far as his career is concerned, everyones wondering why we're raising money for him, because he has to live he has to survive," said one supporter.