Dan Cathy Chick-fil-A chief: 'We support Biblical families'

THE ROCK, GA - The president of Chick-fil-A is speaking out for the first time since his controversial remarks about gay marriage.

Dan Cathy came under fire after saying he believes in the Biblical definition of marriage-- between a man and a woman. Though, Cathy said he loves and respects anyone who disagrees.

In an interview over the weekend, he said his company has always been clear about its support for traditional families.  "Families are very important to our country, they're very important, I think, to all of us who are concerned about being able to hang on to the heritage that we have. We support Biblical families, and we've always been a part of that."
You'll remember, critics of Cathy's earlier comment accused Chick-fil-A of discrimination.

The fast food giant says it does not discriminate against anyone.