Dallas man bags 14-foot long alligator that weighs almost 900 pounds

- Even with several trophies in his office, as big game hunting goes, attorney Levi McCathern is still a novice.

Levi says "I've been hunting since I was six. I try to hunt year round when I was growing up I hunted dove and quail."

McCathern had something bigger in mind on a recent hunting trip to Leon County. Something like alligators. McCathern learned the Trinity River was loaded with them, and just before his hunting trip ended he had a monster gator in his sites. "It was a perfect shot probably my luckiest shot."

For certain it's his most memorable. The gator was 14 feet long and weighed nearly 900 pounds, one of the largest gators killed in state history.

Levi says, "They took him to the town square in Crockett and just caused a traffic jam. My testosterone has been very high, my wife probably doesn't like it as much as she should I've been pretty big since I killed this alligator."