Criminal profiler Pat Brown compares Baby Lisa Irwin case to other child abductions

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Some experts are raising questions about similarities between this case and other highly publicized child abduction cases.

It's all over the blogosphere. People are comparing this case to other well-known cases when mothers said their child had been kidnapped. That includes one that happened at Fort Bragg about the time Deborah Bradley, Lisa's mom, reportedly lived there.

A criminal profiler based in Washington D.C. wrote a blog post about the Lisa Irwin case, comparing it to two other well known cases from Florida and England.

"It could still be a copy cat crime because you're seeing it in the media. Or it could be a copy cat cover up," said Pat Brown.

Brown also points to another blog post , comparing the Irwin case to a very similar one in 2007 at Fort Bragg, when Bradley was apparently living there with her first husband.

"That is very concerning, certainly she should have known about it," said Brown.

That case had an open window, with a missing screen, and an 11-month-old baby taken from its bedroom.

Brown points out other troubling signs about the Baby Lisa case.

But we should emphasize that she, like many others writing about this case, are not on the ground here.

They are examining the case by following it closely in the media.

NBC Action News tried to confirm that the Bradley's lived at Fort Bragg in '07, but the mother of Lisa's ex said she couldn't remember, and a spokesman at Fort Bragg said they only keep those records going back two years.

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