Colorado Joker mask-wearing teen scares Boulder theater customers

BOULDER, Colo. - Boulder police arrested a 17-year-old who was accused of wearing a clown hat and "Joker" mask inside of the Century Boulder theaters located at 1710 29th Street.

A group of scared movie-goers ran out of the theater and alerted police Sunday evening.

The suspect admitted to wearing the mask to scare his friends and said he wanted to dress as the Joker next year for Halloween. He was carrying the mask and hat in a shopping bag when police contacted him. He was not armed.

The teen told police he was aware of the theater shooting that had occurred in Aurora. The shooter in that incident had dyed his hair bright orange and claimed to be dressed as the Joker from the Batman comics and movies.

"I would just think the kid is an idiot - he obviously wants to get a rise out of somebody not smart," said moviegoer Allen Engel.

The part-time CU student in Boulder now faces five counts of misdemeanor menacing, police said.

Anyone who was at the theater at the time of the incident and who has information or who would like to speak to police should call Boulder Police detectives at 303-441-3330.

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