Charity Araujo: Oregon child daycare workers smoke medical marijuana while on the job

The owners of a day care in Oregon day say they smoke medical marijuana while children are at the facility.

They say it's all legal and that they take all the proper precautions to make sure there's no impact on the children.

But the state has suspended the day care's license while they investigate.

Charity Araujo says she, her daughter Moriah and others at the Alphabet Academy Learning Center in Salem sometimes smoke medical marijuana in a canopy next to where the children play.

"Basically when we're in here, we go ahead and this is where we medicate," she says.

From the playground in the backyard, the canopy is about 25 feet away.

She says there is no chance that the children can see them inside the canopy smoking because they secure the canopy opening by zipping it shut.

Araujo says there is always a different adult in charge of the kids and staff under the influence will only do things like wash dishes and answer the door.

The conditions on her license with the office of child care state that a second adult must be the primary caregiver when the license holder is under the influence.

"They can come in any time they want and check and we always, always over in staff," Araujo says.

But a spokesman for the Department of Human Services says medical marijuana falls under an Oregon law that states no one under the influence "may be in the home when child care children are present."

So which one is right?

And is the canopy considered in the home?

Araujo claims, "When we medicate, our kids are in the house, nap time, our kids are in the house cause they're done for the day."

But neighbors say they've seen Charity and her daughter Moriah smoking outside that canopy, even while children play in the other half of the backyard.

Charity's response:  bring on the investigation.

"They're going to talk to the children and they are going to find out for themselves we haven't done anything inappropriate we followed the rules," Araujo contends.

Charity Araujo admits this isn't the first time she's been investigated for this.

She says the state didn't find anything wrong last time.