Cemetery apparently includes immortal man's headstone

Peculiar marker found in Vermont cemetery

EAST MONTPELIER, Vt. - Apparently there's a man in Vermont who refuses to die.

In the middle of the Cutler Cemetery in East Montpelier, Vermont, there sits a very peculiar gravestone. On it, the name of a husband and wife Edward and Rosetta McNalty are engraved, her having lived 79 years. Meanwhile if you believe the grave marker, her husband Edward McNalty is 157 years old, and counting.

The weird gravestone was snapped by reddit user HighOverlordXenu and posted to the website in June.

As much fun as it is to believe that there's an immortal man running around New England, there's a fairly good explanation for the headstone. According to geneology records, the marriage was each Rosetta and Edward's second, and because their marriage didn't bear any children, it's not a leap to think that Edward's kids opted to bury him next to their mom instead of his second wife.

Or he's an undead creature of the night.

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