CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Raccoon falls through roof of Gardendale, Alabama police station

GARDENDALE, Ala. - A burglar recently "dropped in" on a police station in Alabama.

The suspect was easy to spot because he was wearing a mask and covered in fur!

The raccoon fell from the ceiling in front of a security camera at the Gardendale Police Department and was in no hurry to leave.

Video shows the animal sniffing around the lobby area. When officers went after him, he first held on to an inside door.


Later he tried clinging onto the metal exit door before admitting defeat and running away.
"It actually wanted back in the building and it fought there at the door trying to get back in. It really didn't want outside, so it liked it here at the new public safety center, and it wanted to stay," said Sgt. Scott Banks of the Gardendale Police Department.

Police said they have since found all the raccoon's entry points into the station house and blocked them off.

Courtesy: CNN Newssource, WBRC