California Family Fitness: New gym seeks alcohol permit, will feature rooftop bar in Sacramento

In Sacramento, California, a new gym plans to offer everything you may want in a gym and then some like basketball courts, weights... and alcohol.

As California Family Fitness transforms an old building into a state of the art gym, you'll notice a number of posted signs that are typical of a construction site: "no trespassing", "danger, hard hat area" and then there's one that reads, "application to sell alcoholic beverages."

Club president Randy Karr explains what they’ll offer, “ Basic beer and wine service on selected hours. So if you want to play a pickup game of basketball and grab a refreshment after you game, you'll have the ability to do that."

The wet bar is part of a plan to make the new 30,000 square foot gym complement the new entertainment venues on the street. After all its nearest neighbors are nightclubs.

"You'll be able to get your workout in and be able to stay down in that area and socialize," Karr says.

This Cal Fit location will not offer childcare.

So it is geared toward adults.

The lounge will be part of an indoor/outdoor mixed-use area up on the roof.

"We'll have two pool tables, dart board, foosball, kind of an outdoor patio lounge areas with some fire pits up off the basketball court which on the roof. We're excited that you'll have an outdoor area in downtown," Karr says.

The gym is scheduled to open at the end of April.

There is no word yet on when the city of Sacramento will make a ruling on the gym's permit request.