Boy rescued by Coast Guard after drifting too far off Galveston coast

(KPRC) The U.S. Coast Guard rescued a boy swept out to sea Tuesday, hundreds of yards off Crystal Beach, Texas.

It started out as an innocent day at the beach when the 12-year-old boy, who was on an inner tube, started to drift and was pulled out farther and farther. He was more than 300 yards off the coast and wasn't wearing a life jacket.

The USCG team was out doing routine patrol work along the shore when they got call. They were able to locate the boy about nine minutes later and rescue him when the flight mechanic lowered the rescue swimmer to the water and hoisted the boy to safety.

"He was very scared," said Rodney Rios, a pilot with the U.S.Coast Guard crew that made the rescue. "He told us he was out there for about an hour trying to paddle back but he wasn't making very good headway."

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