Boy clings to roof of mother's car as she drives away (VIDEO)

(WHIO/CNN) There was a scary scene in Ohio when a 19-year-old rode on top of his mom's car Monday night.

The incident started when the mother and son had an argument at the movies.

Dustin Lorenzo, Jacob Batton, and one more friend were parked right next to the mother and son in a movie theater parking lot.

They said the mom got inside the car with a 10-year-old and prepared to drive away.

"She slaps him across the face, and tells him to find his own ride home," said Lorenzo. "The older kid jumps on the back of the car, and climbs to the roof."

"She's going about 50 mph, and we're just trying to keep up, and that's when I decided, 'OK, I'm going to call 911,'" said Batton.

The friends recorded the wild trip, describing the car and their directions to police.

The trip stretched on for several miles and 10 minutes on the streets of Piqua, Ohio.

At one point the woman waited through a red light with her 19-year-old son still hanging on.

Finally, at a stop sign, the kid was able to safely jump off the vehicle.

Some officers took off after the teen. A minute or two later other officers caught up to the mom.

Police said the mother did not know her son was on top of the car. The 19-year-old was ticketed for riding outside the vehicle.

Courtesy: CNN Newsource