Boston Marathon - Back to Boston: Floridians eager to run historic marathon

Nearly 900 Floridians registered to run race

BOSTON - Hundreds of Floridians have flocked to Boston, Mass., eager to participate in the running of the historic Boston Marathon.

This, a year after the event was the target of two bombs by the finish line. Despite the horrific events that marred the marathon last year, the mood in Boston seemed hopeful - and at the same time vigilant.

Nearly 900 Floridians are in the city of Boston ready to prove to the world that the show must go on. It will be tough, but nearly 40,000 people from all over the world will do just that on Monday during the 118th running of the Boston Marathon.

Last year's race ended abruptly - thousands of runners did not even finish - when two bombs were detonated just feet from the finish line.

On the eve of the marathon in 2014, there is a new energy in this city and a determination to show that Boston is strong.

"We need to show support and strength. We're not going to be defeated by that," said Rex Noble, a Palm City resident who is running the race.

There are many Floridians who will take on that challenge, but not without remembering what happened on these streets a year ago.

"When I'm coming down to the finish line, I'll definitely be thinking about it, and it will be a somber moment because people lost their lives senselessly," said Steve Cortes of Jensen Beach.

"You know the feeling that everyone has during a marathon, and you want that to continue," said Mark Ashdown of Vero Beach. "You don't want anybody to feel worried about having to run."

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