Bear cub named 'Tahoe' was found crying, hugging deceased mother near Humboldt Redwoods State Park

HOMEWOOD, Calif. - The mystery of where "Tahoe" the baby bear came from may be solved.

A man claiming to be Tahoe's rescuer says he found her crying and hugging her deceased mother near Humboldt Redwoods State Park.

The rescuer said he called authorities who told him to leave the cub alone. The man said his conscience wouldn't let him so he dropped her off at BEAR League, an animal shelter in the Lake Tahoe area on April 15 and disappeared.

"This very young cub was left in our yard yesterday afternoon by someone who put her in a kennel we had out by the garage," BEAR League wrote on its Facebook page April 16. "We immediately rushed her to Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care where Cheryl fed her a bottle of formula specially made for infant bear cubs."

The group said they were happy that "someone knew enough to bring her to people who care...she will be just fine now."

During the next two weeks, BEAR League posted updates about Tahoe on Facebook.

She was seen being bottle fed, playing with toys and purring herself to sleep.

"LTWC [Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care] came up with this brilliant idea for nursing Baby 'Tahoe'...So she doesn't have to be held by a human, (and risk bonding) her bottle is tucked into the tummy of this large stuffed animal (in this case a duck, but we're sure she doesn't mind).," BEAR League wrote. "She quickly learned that's where lunch is served and now rushes towards the surrogate 'Duck Mom' instead of towards people. Soon she will learn how to lap her formula out of a bowl, but there will be lots of messes made in the process."

While the pictures and videos were adorable, the group also kept asking for help finding her rescuer.

"We will ask no questions, just call---anonymously---and tell us where she was found and what were the circumstances, if known," BEAR League said.

On Saturday, BEAR League took anonymous call from a man claiming he found "Tahoe."

"He described exactly what was out there when he left her, the color blanket he put her on, everything in detail," Executive Director Ann Bryant told 7NEWS.

"He said he found her crying and hugging her deceased Mother near the Humboldt Redwoods State Park," BEAR League wrote on Facebook. "When he notified authorities (but he would not say which agency he contacted) he was told to leave 'it' alone. His conscience would not allow him to walk away and leave her to die...thankfully."

Bryant said the man did not give his name or anything other information so he wouldn't face charges.

Tahoe is about 10 weeks old.

"She's just starting to learn to walk, she falls a lot," Bryant said. "She was weak and dehydrated when she arrived, she's very playful now."

BEAR League said experts will run DNA tests to determine where she is from so they can release her in the same area.

See a video of a Tahoe purring herself to sleep below. Read more and see more videos of Tahoe on BEAR League's Facebook page.


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