Bald eagles dying in Utah from mysterious illness

SALT LAKE CITY - (KSL) Just this month, 13 bald eagles have died in Utah, and no one knows why.

"All the birds that have been brought in have varying degrees of paralysis, weakness in the wings and legs, and then very quickly moving in to having tremors then full blown seizures," said DaLyn Erickson, Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah. "Once the seizures start, that's pretty much it."

Eight bald eagles have been brought into her Ogden clinic in the past three weeks, and five of them have died.

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"Typically, we'll get three bald eagles a year," Erickson said. "We're concerned just because it's something new. It's something we don't know. We have yet to ever see this quantity of birds coming in of one species in this short amount of time."

A total of 16 bald eagles have died from the same illness. Blood work from the infected birds discovered in the region have been sent to a lab for testing.  Those results could be back in days or weeks and could be the first clue into solving the mystery.

Bald eagles are no longer an endangered species but are still federally protected.

The birds have been found throughout northern and central Utah in Box Elder, Weber, Davis, Tooele, and Utah counties.

Courtesy: NBC News Channel