Police find 19 razor blades planted in grass at California park, 2 boys hurt

SAN DIEGO - For the fourth time in just over a year, someone planted several razor blades face up in the grass at Bonita Cove in Mission Bay just feet from a playground. This time, two boys were injured.

Cassie Padilla's two sons, aged 7 and 15, were playing barefoot in Bonita Cove Park on Wednesday when both stepped on razor blades.

"The 7-year-old was actually embedded in his foot," said San Diego police Lt. Paul Phillips. "Paramedics were able to pull the razor blade out."

A 10News crew saw a relative carry the boy to his mother's truck. Paramedics had bandaged his foot at the scene. Then inside the truck, there were tears. His mother took him to UCSD Medical Center where he would be stitched up.

Padilla said, "It's pretty crazy. His (razor blade) was probably sticking up. It's really bad."

Luckily, his older brother's wound was superficial. The Poway family was enjoying the day in Mission Bay with relatives from Idaho.

This is the fourth incident 10News has covered where someone has intentionally planted several razor blades – sharp side up – in that park.

Once the sun went, down police scoured the area with metal detectors. They found several razor blades and placed yellow markers next to them. At last check late Wednesday night, Phillips told 10News they had found 19.

"I've got children and I can only imagine something like this happening," he said. "The first word that comes to my mind is sickness. It's either a sickness or someone who's got an evil mind."

Police will take those razor blades and try to get any DNA they can from them. They will also check with nearby businesses to see if they can look at their surveillance video.

Right now, there are no suspects so police are counting on anyone who was at the park Wednesday who may have seen anything to call them.

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