Angelina Butler: Dad reunites with daughter after Delta Airlines releases her to wrong person

CINCINNATI - A Cincinnati father has been reunited with his daughter after Delta Airlines released the 7-year-old to the wrong person.

Kiante Butler, 37, put his daughter, Angelina Butler, on a flight from Cincinnati to George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston on Aug. 11 so she could visit family. While Delta says it has a "thorough unaccompanied minor policy" to ensure the safety of children, the airline somehow turned over the girl to her mother, Jennifer Lopez.

Lopez, 39, was released from prison in March after serving time for kidnapping her daughter back in 2008. She does not have custody of her Angelina.

The woman learned her daughter was headed to Houston from her mother, who still communicates with Butler.

In order to get Angelina back, Butler flew to Texas and went to the house where Lopez was staying. He was accompanied by a local sheriff's deputy when he got his daughter back Wednesday, nine days later.

“Delta has pretty much admitted that their policy has not been followed and at this point it is just a matter of Mr. Butler trying to get his daughter back," said Butler's lawyer, Umeka Lewis.

The airline says it is conducting an internal investigation to determine how this happened.

Butler's attorney said the local prosecutor will be reviewing whether Lopez violated the terms of her parole or custody agreement.

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