Andrew Birchall, shark attack victim: Shark left a tooth in his foot

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla.-- A Florida surfer says when a shark attacked him, it felt like he was being hit with a sledgehammer.

Andrew Birchall is now on the mend.

And besides the three rows of teeth marks, the shark left a tooth in his foot.

Doctors performed surgery to remove the tooth and reconnect his severed tendons.

Birchall says he's been surfing for 30 years but never thought he'd be attacked. "You know, once I pulled my foot out of the water I saw it, I could see the teeth marks."

He added, "There was a tooth stuck in there, that was one of the things they had to go get when they did the x-rays, they found it."

The tooth was sent away for testing and, believe it or not, Birchall wants it back.

He says having it would add to the story.

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