Andrea Mears, Austin Haughwout: Woman charged with assault over drone with camera filming at beach

A dispute over a remote-controlled helicopter and privacy rights lead to assault charges for a Connecticut woman.

She says a teenage boy was using the helicopter to take pictures of beach-goers.

Their argument was caught on camera and posted to YouTube.

It all started when a teen, Austin Haughwout, was using a remote-controlled aircraft with a camera attached to it to film the beach and surrounding areas.

Since it's in a public area, it's all perfectly legal to photograph people, but it made one woman, Andrea Mears, uncomfortable.

That's when she says she asked him what he was doing and he began to fumble with his equipment.

"In the video you see my arm go out like this because he has a cell phone in his hand and that's when he punches me in the back of the head and grabs me by the hair," said Mears.

But Haughwout has a different story, "She was the one that attacked me as you can see in the video. She took a swing at me and I began falling to the ground."

Police charged Mears with assault and breach of peace.

Since the video of the alleged attack has gone viral, Mears says she has been attacked online.

"It makes me feel violated that I don't know what he did with my images and where they are," Mears said.

Haughwout says, "I wanted to get this public so that if someone had been a victim of her lies before they would be able to bring it up and get proper justice for it."

Mears is facing charges in the incident and she says she is fine with whatever the court hands down.