Ana Trujillo, stiletto heel stabbing case: Interrogation shown in Texas shoe stabbing case

HOUSTON (AP) -- A Houston woman accused of fatally stabbing her boyfriend with her stiletto heel told police that her boyfriend became obsessed with her and was mentally abusive.

Ana Trujillo is charged with murder in the death of 59-year-old Alf Stefan Andersson.

Investigators say Trujillo struck him in the face with her shoe at least 25 times during an argument at his Houston condominium in June.

Trujillo's attorney says the 45-year-old woman was defending herself while being attacked by Andersson.


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On Wednesday, jurors in Houston watched a video of Trujillo's police interrogation about the night of the slaying.

In the video, Trujillo tells detectives she loved Andersson but that he would drink heavily and berate her. In previous testimony, Andersson's friends described him as kind and mild-mannered.

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