Allison Johnson: North Dakota woman arrested for assaulting flight attendants, police

Allison Johnson says she doesn't remember getting arrested Wednesday night.

Officials say she kicked an officer, attempted to kick another, and when she was placed into the squad car she attempted to kick out the windows of that squad car.

"I am sorry, I apologize to everyone, I wouldn't want to hurt anyone, it's not me to act like this, it's the alcohol," Johnson told the court.

But she's still waiting for charges related to the situation that got her in that police car in the first place.

An anonymous eyewitness recalls, "This woman got up and went to the back of the plane and two of the attendants tried to talk to her to get her back into her seat, and this woman grabbed one of the attendant's arm, and one of the other attendants, the second attendant, asked her to let go and please go back to her seat, and she let go, and with an open hand slapped the second attendant in the face."

"I'm not like this at all, I'm so embarrassed, and I am so sorry," said Johnson.

The plane hadn't taken off yet, so they turned around to drop Johnson off.

"One of the fight crew had said to me, yeah we have to get her off, because we don't know what she's capable once we get in the air," the eyewitness continued.

Passengers say the assault cost them an hour of travel time.

Since pleading guilty to resisting arrest, Johnson will spend a few days in jail, pay a fine, and is required to get a chemical evaluation.

Johnson could face additional charges, such as simple assault or disorderly conduct.