A closer look at the Forbes Celebrity 100 shows parents, dropouts making bank

4 of 10 biggest celebs didn't finish high school

A wide range of personalities and backgrounds fill the 2014 Forbes Celebrity 100, the annual ranking of the world’s most famous people.

Not simply a ranking of personal wealth, the list ranks the world’s top stars based on a combination of money and fame. According to Forbes writer Dorothy Pomerantz, the magazine figures up the amount of cash each star generated in the past year as well as the impact they’ve had on social media users and in the news.

Celebrities on the list include musicians, athletes, actors, writers and media personalities. A closer look at 2014’s inclusions reveal some interesting facts about them.

Beyonce topped the list, just a few spots ahead of her husband Jay Z. As parents, the power couple lies with the majority of celebrities on the list. A slight minority of the featured celebrities are married, while about a quarter of them have been divorced.

The ages of the inclusions ranges 52 years, from 20-year-old Justin Bieber to 72-year-old Paul McCartney. Overall, the majority of the list are people over 40.

Educational background also shows a wide variety, only about a third of the list graduated from college while one-tenth didn’t finish high school. The most educated person on the list is Dr. Phil, as the only inclusion with a PhD.

Here’s a graphic breaking down the complete list:


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