4th annual High Times Cannabis Cup comes to Denver, Colorado, sold-out festival draws huge crowds

Tens of thousands of people are converging on downtown Denver this weekend for the first massive, legal celebration of 4/20 in Colorado, the 4th annual High Times Cannabis Cup.

It's everything you'd expect at a convention devoted to all things marijuana, and maybe a bit more.

The 2014 Cannabis Cup marks an industry first - held in a city in the United States where recreational pot is legal.

And boy did the crowds flock to see it.

30,000 people are expected to show up during this two day event.

Hundreds of vendors are showcasing different products.

Michelle Aver specializes in making marijuana food products.

"It's an awesome industry, it's definitely a growing industry... a fun industry", Aver says.

But it's also an industry that's come under fire, with two recent deaths linked to edible marijuana.

"The industry needs to police itself, and we need to regulate and put safety measures in place for many of the product," says Rachel O'Bryan of SMART Colorado.

Aver says she takes those steps, and more.

"Everything needs to be tested. Everything needs to be made in a safe, certified kitchen," she says.

In fact each vendor we talked to says responsibility is a key part of their business.

A business that's appears to be cashing in with customers hungry for more.

Denver police say so far they've ticketed 17 people for public consumption of marijuana.

At least four of those people are from out of state.