17 dogs die of apparent heat exhaustion at boarding kennel in Arizona, dog owners suspicious

17 dogs died of apparent heat exhaustion and authorities are calling it a bizarre accident.

But the dogs' owners aren't buying it, saying nothing about this adds up.

One by one sheriff's deputies led them to the backyard.

One by one they came back, their dogs wrapped in blankets in a wheelbarrow, dead.

"They're all piled up in the shed and Remington is one of them. My husband's being deployed in a month and both dogs are supposed to be my security blankets when he's gone," said dog owner Heather Wicker.

These dog owners say they boarded their dogs at green acres in Gilbert, Arizona.

Sheriff's deputies say sometime thursday night a dog chewed through the power to the air conditioner.

By morning they were all dead or dying.

"Makes me sick... I mean I just can't even comprehend that and how did you explain that to the owners," said Kathy Harrington, whose dog survived.

And that's where things start to fall apart.

The dog owners say they were called Saturday morning -- saying their dogs had run away.

"I said is there anything I can do? Oh no we have four cars out looking and I'm like well I can't just sit here, I need to get out. So I was driving around looking and I thought well I should just go over there and see what's going on, maybe they came back, and I pulled up to the two dead dogs in the driveway," said dog owner Jill Cary.

They want to know how 17 dogs die of heat, overnight, when it was only 80 degrees.

And when there was more than one air conditioner in the house.

They want to know why the dogs were piled in a shed.

Most of all, they want to know why no one's being charged.

MCSO says right now there's no evidence of neglect.

"We are gonna continue to investigate and find out what happened here. It doesn't end here. It's a horrible tragic accident at this point," said Chris Hegstrom of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.