10 angry past tweets that may make LeBron's return awkward

Cleveland fans' 2010 tweets didn't mince words

LeBron James’ announcement that he’s returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers has ignited mixed emotion among basketball fans.

But nothing compares to the firestorm of angry, bitter reaction that followed the 29-year-old baller’s 2010 decision to leave his hometown and head to Miami.

Now that James is coming back to the Buckeye State, things might be a little awkward between the King and his former fans. Let’s revisit some of Cleveland’s most heated tweets from July 8, 2010, the day of “The Decision,” before some of these fans begrudgingly come back to the fold.

“I personally guarantee that the Cleveland Cavaliers will win an NBA championship before the self-titled former ‘King’ wins one. You can take it to the bank.” -Cavs owner Dan Gilbert’s open letter to the team’s fans following James’s departure. Two championship rings later, LeBron has apparently forgiven Gilbert for his written rant.






Other angry tweets that have apparently since been deleted:

“‘I have to do what’s best for Lebron James,’ said Lebron James…. And then I vomited.” @rebeccagallant

“I got a Lebron James 23 jersey for sale...real cheap...Hit me on direct Message.” @ClevelandHuddle

“What a f**king a**clown! Way to humiliate ur hometown on national tv!! F**k u Lebron James!!! Go browns!!” @kimik21 - sent from Cleveland.

“look up hypocrit (sic) in the dictionary: it will read: see Lebron James.” @szambo77

“#breakingnews Cleveland has officially disowned Lebron James.” @watts08

“Lebron James is a coward and should get nothing but misery. Cleveland forever hates you. I knw (sic) i do.” @LindseyLimpert

How do you feel about Lebron James' return to Cleveland?

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