More legal trouble for Palm Beach billionaire who plead guilty to hiring underage prostitutes

Government accused of violating victims' rights

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Billionaire mogul, Jeffrey Epstein, has been out of jail for more than a year, but the punishment he faces for soliciting young girls to his Palm Beach mansion, may not be over.

Inside a federal courtroom Friday, attorney for two of his, alleged, young victims, argued their clients rights were violated when lawyers for Epstein secured, what their calling was a sweetheart deal for the financier. The deal left Epstein out of criminal court and put him in a county jail for 13 months. Many complained the plea deal helped Epstein get off easy.

"This non-prosecution agreement should be invalidated," said Brad Edwards, representing two, alleged, victims "It was worked out behind the victims' backs."

Attorneys today claimed the secret deal, which they say was the result of power and money, robbed the young girls of their right to be heard in court and share their side of the story.

"They're still angry about the whole process and the way it went down. That they want him to go to jail now, yes, that's what they want," said Edwards.

As part of Friday's hearing, attorneys, representing the young girls, want all documents and written communication, exchanged between the U.S. Attorneys office and Epstein's criminal defense attorney attorneys, leading up to the plea deal.

Roy Black was part of Epstein's defense team. He appeared in federal court to the documents secret and his billionaire client a free man.

"If the courts allow things be used in civil proceedings made public, it's a fear with future attempts for negotiations by lawyers with prosectors."

WPTV: "Jeffrey Epstein doesn't want to go back to jail?
Roy Black: "I would think you're right about that."



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