Michael Sellepeck still in hospital, collapses minutes after scuba diving

He was acting normal after dive

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.-- 19-year-old Ocean Quest Scuba Dive Master Michael Sellepeck was still sedated at the hospital Friday after collapsing minutes after scuba-diving on Wednesday.

His trainer and boss, Sandra Brammier, said the dive can't be blamed for what happened to him.

But now, she's just eager to learn what went wrong.

Sellepeck was wearing a computer that showed he never went too deep, didn't come up too fast, or stay under too long. Brammier says he had plenty of air in his tank.

Not long after three dives, Sellepeck eventually collapsed on the boat and stopped breathing.

Sellepeck was diving during mini-lobster season with Brammier and other regular guests.

"We have the same group of divers come every year," said Brammier. "It's a family going out to spend the day doing something they love with people they love."

Brammier taught Sellepeck how to dive, and asked him to work for her several years ago when she realized he was a rare find. He's been on hundreds of dives.

"He was valedictorian of his high school class. He was sailor of the month at the Maritime Academy in Massachusetts where he will be a sophomore this year, " said Brammier.

She says he would tell her if he had even the slightest headache. Wednesday, he seemed fine. Brammier says he was joking around, and socializing after his last dive.

He started coughing minutes later and collapsed. The coast guard responded within minutes and rushed him to the hospital.

Brammier is now hopeful Sellepeck will still be a part of their mini- lobster season tradition.

"Id love to hear him say 'Hey Captain Sandy' right about now, " she said.

Doctors are not confirming his condition, but Brammier says officials with the coast guard told her he likely had a cardiac arrest.

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