Michael Ross: Delray's 'Bird Man' bird-less

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Michael Ross and his cockatiel, Louie, are inseparable.

"I get up every morning because of Louie," said

They're seen together so much on Atlantic Ave. and A1A in Delray Beach so often that he's known as the Birdman.

And people flock to them.

"They all want to be seen with the bird. Can I have my picture taken with him? He's like a big deal," said his friend, Jim Strassburg.

The Vietnam Vet is on a search mission tonight.

Friday morning, he set Louie down as he always does, and walked away.

When he came back a few minutes later, Louie was gone.

Without the attention Louie brings him, Michael fears he'd become a hermit.

"If I didn't have my bird, I probably wouldn't come out very much," said Ross.

Ross suspects that someone walked by, saw Louie, and decided it was lost.

"I'm just very worried with a lot of anxiety. My toes are shaking," said Ross. "I need him."

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