Man's French bulldog Bueller stolen at gunpoint, victim asking Tampa Bay to help find dog




TAMPA - A Town N' Country resident is reaching out to the Tampa Bay community, asking for help to find his dog after it was stolen at gunpoint, Hillsborough County Sheriffs' Office confirms.   

The robbery happened off of Pinehurst Drive and Waters Avenue in Tampa after midnight Saturday morning.


McComber was walking his French bulldog "Bueller" toward Pinehurst Drive when a gray 90's model Honda Civic pulled up beside him on the road, according to a press release. A man got out of the car and asked "What kind of dog is that?"


After McComber replied, the man said, "Well, I'm taking it. " McComber then saw that the suspect was pointing a gun at him. The suspect bent down, scooped up Bueller, and went back inside the car. The suspect and his accomplice fled from the scene at a high speed.


The suspects are described as two white men wearing black hoodies and dark pants. One of the suspects was carrying a handgun.The victim has reached out to the media and created a Facebook page, Help Find Bueller.


The page has 998 likes, with people providing tips and encouragement to the victim.


McComber wrote on the page, "Help get this page viral so we can find Bueller and get him home where he belongs!!! I am willing to offer a cash reward for any information that leads to the rescue of this pup!!!"


Anyone with information is asked to call the Sheriff's Office at (813) 247-8200.


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