Man illustrates comic strip proposal, surprises girlfriend by printing it in local newspaper

Girlfriend didn't expect to read the big question

Saying "I love you" and proposing to that special someone is often a serious and heavy proposition.

A Washington State man proved that a marriage proposal can be fun, perhaps even comical.

It started when Dave Saunders posted on his girlfriend's Facebook page to "check the comics."

For $190, Saunders got the Olympian newspaper to replace the Doonesbury comic with a strip he personally created entitled "Happy Birthday Sandra Kay."

But when Sandra looked a little closer, she saw the question of a lifetime.

"I came up with the idea because I wanted to do something unique and creative," says Saunders. "Then I say there's a point to it. And by the last frame I propose."

Not expecting the question to be popped in print, Sandra was just happy to see the comic in the paper.

"I thought that he'd gotten his own comic strip in the paper so I was really excited but when I saw my name I was 'no this can't be happening what is this?' "

Sandra Kinnunen didn't have to take out her own comic to give her answer - she said yes.

The couple is kicking around some wedding dates, with one possibility being November 11th.

So their wedding date will be 11/11/11.

Information from: NBC NewsChannel/KING TV

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