Cong. Connie Mack, Sen. Bill Nelson campaign in Palm Beach County

Hope to garner last minute votes

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FLA. The Florida candidates running for U.S. Senate campaigned through Palm Beach County Monday.

Republican candidate Connie Mack thanked campaign volunteers in Boca Raton and hoped to land some last minute votes.

"Of course we want to talk to the undecided voters but my message has been the same since day one, this is about jobs and the economy," said Congressman Mack.

Hours later incumbent democrat Senator Bill Nelson brought his campaign to the retirement community of Century Village near West Palm Beach.

"I think people are beginning to realize they're tired of all of this polarization," said Sen. Nelson.

The senator heard from senior citizens about what issues are important to them.

"I've been working 60 years for Social Security, why do they want to make it a Wall Street game," said Jacob Kushner, a resident of Century Village.

Another senior voter, Judith Berkowitz, added, "thank God my ballot's in, my issues are senior safety, second is sharing across the board, I can't see how one person can have a billion dollars and the other should be starving."

The seniors also wanted to hear Nelson's stance on Medicare, which Mack was quick to criticize.

"I'll be curious to see if he'll tell them he's the one that voted to cut $716 billion from Medicare to pay for Obama Care, my guess is he won't tell them that," said Rep. Mack.

Nelson said, "all of the fact checkers such as Politifact and have looked at those comments and said they're completely false."

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