Prescott Firefighter: Facebook page supports Prescott firefighters; nearly 300,000 supporters

OKEECHOBEE, Fla.-- It's the largest loss of life for first responders since 9-11. 19 firefighters were killed when fighting a wildfire near Prescott, AZ.

One area sheriff's deputy from Okeechobee is making an impact thousands of miles away, through Facebook, to help the families of the victims.

Jon Folbrecht says his fear is experiencing tragedy in the line of duty and leaving his family with a burden.

When the news spread about the deaths in Arizona, Folbrecht got to work. "Within a couple minutes, we had a page on deck because we were waiting for more news."

Folbrecht helped create the non-profit organization, The Heroes Memorial Foundation, in April to honor those who lose their life while on duty.

"The fact is that their loved one they had is now gone," Folbrecht said of the 19 families. He hopes to ease some of their pain.

Through his organization, he creates far-reaching Facebook pages for first responders who pay the ultimate sacrifice.

Pages have included Sgt. Gary Morales locally, and others nationally such as those killed in the West, Texas explosion.

His team posts pictures, allows public comments for support, provides updates on fundraisers, and raises money to give to the families.

"I think that's very important for the survivors," said Folbrecht.

In just one day, his Prescott Firefighters page has gained nearly 300,000 "likes" world-wide, all stemming from his Okeechobee home.

"There's no way they know all 19 of them, but they're there. They're supporting them because they realize we have to honor these people."

As a deputy himself, Folbrecht says he would want the same for his family, giving more than a plaque or statue, but a lasting tribute.

"We're trying to honor them better by making sure there's always something there that's always going to be a remembrance of what they did," Folbrecht said.

More than 1600 memorial t-shirts have sold through the page for $20. Folbrecht says the non-profit works with the local law enforcement to distribute funds as needed.

Click here to visit the Prescott Firefighters Facebook page.

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