Physical trainer Chris Ruden helps others overcome their own challenges

Family has seen significant change in son

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. - Chris Rude was born with only two fingers on his left hand and he's faced numerous other health challenges.

Now he's using his experience to help children with physical disabilities overcome their adversities by using physical fitness.  

One of those children is 11-year-old David Heiblum.

David's father Maurice adopted him and his older sister from Vietnam. He  didn't know his son would later be diagnosed with cerebral palsy. "It was heartbreak when we first found out."

But the family is now turning heartbreak into triumph with the help of Ruden.

Ruden knows all too well the challenges people with disabilities face. "I was born with 7 fingers, I only have two fingers on my left hand and later I developed diabetes."

Ruden's left arm is also significantly shorter than his right. He says those disabilities pushed him to get in to top shape.  "That's when I made a life change and decided to become a trainer to help people get over their adversities."

The 21-year-old Ruden started a business, Adapt Wellness. He says fitness is vital for everyone. "Fitness can help you cope with those adversities and basically give you a better life, that's what it's done for me and that's what I try to help people do, "says Ruden.
For the last month he has been working out with David whose family says they've seen a phenomenal change.

"Before he started working with Chris he had trouble straightening out his leg, he walked a little unsteady," says Maurice.
But not anymore. David is stretching, standing up right and even becoming quite a fighter.
Ruden says he is able to relate to his clients and their families, making his career path that much more important.
David's father says fitness is the key to a change in physical and mental strength. "It's so critical."

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