Pileus clouds, created by a layer of ice crystals and thunderstorms, turn heads

It wasn't a bird or plane or even a UFO that had many eyes and cameras turned to the skies Tuesday evening. It was pileus clouds.

Pileus clouds are caused by a fast-growing thunderstorm that shoves air into the upper atmosphere through a layer of moisture, creating a layer of ice crystals. These ice crystals form the fog-like cloud that looks like a dome on top of the thunderstorm.

What added to this phenomenon was what's commonly referred to as a "fire rainbow".

The sun helps form an optical phenomenon through the ice crystals of the pileus clouds and produces a rainbow effect. The technical term for this incredible array of colors is a circumhorizontal arc.

bitly link to view photos: http://bit.ly/QpwMFY

When these two rare atmospheric sights combined on Tuesday, thousands stopped to stare at the unusual clouds and we received tons of photos into our newsroom.

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