Message in a bottle found, announces wedding in the Bahamas

SEBASTIAN, Fla. - Brian Lapersonerie, who works for Sebastian Watercraft Rentals located at Capt Hirams resort, says he made an unusual over the weekend..

Sunday morning he said he found a rum bottle lying along the shoreline. Inside was a message that said:

We threw this bottle near fortune Beach Grand Bahama Island. if you find it, please write to us.

It was signed Stephen and Ashley Walko and included a five dollar Bahamian dollar bill.

The note said it was part of their wedding ceremony.

Ashley Walko posted this about the bottle on her Facebook page:

'So after some snorkeling, no sharks but a large manta ray! Did some more kayaking off the beach where we threw out our message in a bottle( of course a rum bottle( Bacardi) there were enough empties from shutting the bar down on Saturday we drank the rum dry from the bar!! So if u find a Bacardi bottle with a note and 5$ Bahamian cash follow the instructions and write back'. — with Ashley Walko.

Lapersonerie says he plans to send back the bottle with a possible gift package of a free Jet Ski or boat rental.

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