YouReport: Hail storm barrels through Palm Beach County

BOCA RATON, Fla. - These days everybody has a camera or their cell phone ready to go.  NewsChannel 5 viewers captured some great video of powerful hail storm barreling through the Boca Baton area on Friday.

"It was booming," said Marisol Maitland, who works in Boca Raton.  "You could hear it throughout the entire office," she said. 

Maitland quickly snapped some pictures as the hail slammed down outside her office window. 

"Big pieces of hail just shattering on the ground and all the trees were getting torn up," said Maitland, describing the storm.

Felix Lopez captured cell phone video outside his office door as well, showing inches of hail piling up. 

"I just heard this roar, it just sounded like a train," said Lopez.  He watched as the hail pounded his brand new car for several minutes. 

Lopez, like many others, was out checking his vehicle after the storm and luckily there was no major damage to report.

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