Important reminders for beach visitors during sea turtle nesting season

JUPITER, Fla. -- Sea turtle nesting season is underway, and with that comes important reminders for beach visitors.

Florida Fish and Wildlife reports that tens of thousands of sea turtles will lay eggs along Florida's shores. Many will be in South Florida along the East coast of the state.

According to the FWC, 50 percent of the population of Leatherback turtles are in Palm Beach County alone.

To help the turtles during nesting season, keep artificial light off the sandy beaches during nighttime hours so as not to confuse hatchlings.  Also, take chairs and beach gear home at the end of the day, level holes you dig and sand castles you build before sundown, and clean up trash.

Do not touch hatchlings if you see them. If you you see a sick or injured turtle, call the experts for help.

YouReporter Lori D'Amico sent in video of an encounter with the Leatherback Turtle at Jupiter Beach Saturday.

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