YouTube: Henri the existentialist cat goes to the vet


(EndPlay Staff Reports) - He's described as morose, existential, moody.

Henri, the French cat who gained fame in April while contemplating himself in a mirror in a pair of YouTube videos, is back with a third glum take on life as a spoiled cat. This time, Henri visits the vet.

Henri, still sounding depressed as he narrates his way through the black-and-white footage of his daily existence, picks up from where the last one left off.

How is he handling his video fame? Henri insists that nothing has changed.

The video opens with the cat, lying down, of course, bemoaning: "I'm told I'm famous on the Internet. But for what? My torment? They mock my French. But why? My French is perfect," says the voice speaking in French as mellow piano music plays in the background. (Thankfully, there are English subtitles.)

The videos have gone viral. The second installment posted in late May and titled " Henri 2, Paw de Deux ," had nearly 2.9 million views on Tuesday. The first video released in April, simply titled " Henri ," had nearly 1 million views. The latest video, posted June 20, had around 116,000 views on Tuesday.

MSN, in an article titled, "Existential French cat doesn't want your cheeseburgers," described Henri in the second video as "a morose French feline who spends his time dissecting the absurdity of his daily grooming rituals and the despair of his solitary existence. Oh, and sometimes he updates his Facebook page. 'I suppose that's my lot in life,' he sighs. 'To be watched endlessly, but never understood.'"

Gawker describes the third installment this way: "Hoping he might be able to get something to treat his chronic ennui, Henri the Existential Cat pays a visit to Le Vet. He tells the doc about his growing disillusionment with the world, but he just checks for gunk in Henri's ears and pronounces him healthy, as always. Typical nihilist."


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