You too can make money on YouTube

J.R. is a Bronx native who travels around the world talking sports at 'JR Sportbrief" on YouTube.

But it is far from a hobby. "I started two years ago. I got a hundred views that day, two years later three million and growing a month. It's a living! I make enough money just off of YouTube to support myself and just basically continue to build up the brand out."

Maangchi Kim is building her brand too, by whipping up Korean dishes out of her Manhattan kitchen. "Since a couple of months ago, my money is more than my old job. Isn't that fantastic?"

How do they do it? A program called YouTube partners.

"Once they're accepted, we start running ads on their videos and they get a majority share of that revenue," said Abbi Tatton, a YouTube spokesperson.

"When I became a YouTube partner for the first time, money was very low...five dollar, two dollars. But this money, five dollar, ten dollar was such good motivation for me. So wow, this is cool. I should work so hard, maybe this be my career one day," Kim said.

"Any YouTube user can apply to the YouTube partner program and then we look for a few things. How regularly are you posting videos, what kind of audience do you have, how many subscribers, and is your content original," Tatton said.

"Since last year and then, I make money. And then with the money, I can keep doing what I want," Kim added.

Tatton said, "We have hundreds of partners who are making six figure salaries with this."

Maangchi says with here ad earnings she plans to travel around the world, making videos with her YouTube viewers. "I have iPad app. So I am selling. I also have three cookbooks."

J.R. said, "I'm from the Bronx, New York and I wanted to show people that you can utilize your resources and maximize what you get."

There are more than 20,000 YouTube partners around the globe. If you want to become one, just click here for info.

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