Winnie the kinkajou visits WPTV with unique gift ideas from Palm Beach Zoo

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - With soft, oily fur, a prehensile tail and a 5-inch tongue, Winnie the kinkajou made a splash at NewsChannel 5's studios Saturday morning. 

The kinkajou is native to the rainforest, and it's of the raccoon family.  It loves sweets, and while it's classified as a carnivore with canine-like teeth, it eats mostly fruits.  Its prehensile tails help it to climb trees, and its long tongue helps to lick flowers for nectar from flowers and reach into hives to taste honey. 

The kinkajous are helpful to the environment because they help to pollinate flowers.  The pollen sticks to their faces as they eat. 

Winnie brought gift ideas for the holidays from the Palm Beach Zoo.  Fun, stuffed antlers are cute for many members of the family. 

One-of-a-kind paintings are being sold by the Palm Beach Zoo, each created by a different animal.  Zoo staff members use the painting experience as an enrichment opportunity for the animals, helping the animals to paint with non-toxic paints.  Each canvas comes with the animal artist's bio and photo. 


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